Photographs can fade, and paper can be damaged due to constant exposure. This means that you might need to make another scrapbook, preferably a better one. However, the challenge is how to remove the photos attached to the old albums.

Here are tips to help you:

Glued-Down Pages

Glued-down pages probably used heavy-duty glue on a hard scrapbook paper. For scrapbook pages like these, the chemical solution might be the most effective to use. In the video below, you will see how to get old photos out of a sticky album:

For Magnetic Albums

Magnetic photo albums consist of pages covered in strips of glue and sealed by a clear, thin sheet of plastic. Over time, they can be acidic, especially the old ones. If the photos seem to be easily removed, you may do so carefully.

However, if there is a bit of resistance, do not attempt any further. Try either of the following methods to remove the hard-to-detach photo.

  • Chemical solutions – Choose adhesive removers that contain heptane, a chemical used for removing stickers and labels. With the use of a spatula or scraper, let the ample amount of chemical seep beneath the stuck photo. The chemicals can evaporate quickly, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Physical method – Slide a sufficient length of dental floss underneath the corners of the stuck photo. Carefully slide it in a sawing-like motion until the floss passes all throughout.
  • Heat application – Try to heat the photo with a hairdryer. Make sure it is tolerable enough to lessen the chances of overheating the photo’s surface.