Now that digital tools have become more convenient and accessible, you can take advantage of the technology to create your own scrapbook.

There are lots of online platforms that you can use for doing so. Here are some of them:


Mixbook has tons of customizations available, from fonts to layouts and more. You can pull images from different media and create cloud storage for your creations. There is also a mobile editor available.


  • Output is expected to be high in quality
  • Plenty of customization options


  • The options can be costly compared to others

Artifact Uprising

It is known for its capability to make high-quality photo books, either softcover or hardcover and lay flat photo albums. It can be used for specialized editing wherein you can enjoy large creative control.


  • Utmost creative control
  • Guaranteed high-quality
  • The hardcover books are environment-friendly


  • Supports only PNG and JPG files


Canva is very easy to use and offers a wide range of templates. There are many digital art components that you can choose from to incorporate into your digital scrapbook as well.


  • Tons of free elements
  • Easily shareable and customizable
  • Cloud-based service


  • There’s vague pricing before signing up


If you want to create slideshows online, this platform will never fail you. It has over a thousand templates, and while the free version is limited, the premium ones let you unlock so many features.


  • User-friendly slideshow builder


  • You can experience difficulty in accessing the website’s basic information
  • Doesn’t allow uploading photos grabbed from social media

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