Adhesives are one of the most important components in scrapbooking. However, choosing which is appropriate to use can be a bit confusing at times. It’s important to be familiar with which types of adhesives are good and which are damaging to your photos. To help you with that, we have compiled our list of adhesives you should use and also those you avoid.

Best Scrapbooking Adhesives

Photo Corners

Photo corners may be old-fashioned but they still work. In fact, you can still pop off a photo if it’s wrongly attached. The downside, however, is that it is time-consuming to use.

Photo Tabs

These are tiny squares of double-sided tape. With the use of photo tab dispensers, you can easily apply adhesives to your photos.

Tape Runners

Probably the most efficient ones, these adhesives depend on how well a manufacturer makes them. The brands can be plenty, but in a way, each of them has a difference.

Acid-Free Glue

This adhesive probably produces the neatest output, but it is very costly. If you are aiming for more longevity, we recommend you choose this adhesive.

Worst Adhesives To Use

Children’s School Glue

This doesn’t do the job well, and it can even get messy if the brand is sub-par.

Rubber Cement

It has high-acid content, which can be damaging to the photos.