In scrapbooking, there are many types of papers that you can use. Being familiar with them can make you more efficient in your work and more knowledgeable on how to maximize their purpose. Here are some of them:

  • Cardstock – A type of paper used in greeting cards due to being more sturdy and less heavy
  • Construction Paper – Rough in texture, difficult to fold, and prone to fading
  • Corrugated Cardboard – Very durable and robust, making it ideal in making miniature objects
  • Crepe Paper – A tissue paper variant that is thinly coated with paint; used for paper flowers
  • Kraft Paper – A brown, coarse paper used for paper bags
  • Mulberry Paper –Lightweight and durable since it’s made from mulberry
  • Newsprint – used for newspaper printing
  • Origami Paper – A paper that folds well and is designed exclusively for origami
  • Scrapbook Paper – Used for scrapbook pages and comes in thousand of patterns
  • Tissue Paper – A versatile paper meant for household uses and crafts
  • Vellum – Translucent and thin paper used as a layer for fancy cards
  • Decoupage Paper – A product of cut-out pictures to decorate certain objects
  • Washi Paper – A Japanese made paper that can be considered an artwork by itself

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