WDW – Dissecting the Dining Plan – Is It Worth It?

WDW - March 2014

One of the things I love to do at Disney is eat! Walt Disney World offers a Dining Plan, but does it actually save you money?

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches

First off, if you are going to Disney when they are offering FREE DINING than YES!!! It is worth it! We were lucky to have one of our visits coincide with FREE Dining and it did save us a lot of money!

WDW March 2013

But now you actually have to pay for your dining. One of the benefits is having the expense covered before you leave. Less money you need to take on vacation with you. However, even though you have the Dining Plan, you are still required to pay the taxes and gratuities on your meal. It is not completely FREE.

Flame Tree BBQ

So, lets break it down. There are 3 Dining Plans: Quick Serve – $41.99/day/adult, $16.03/day/child 3-9 – 2 quick serve meals, 1 snack, 1 resort mug; Regular Dining – $60.04/day/adult, $19.23/day/child – 1 quick serve, 1 table service, 1 snack, 1 resort mug; Deluxe Dining – $109.53/day/adult, $29.86/day/child – 3 meals (of any type), 2 snack, 1 resort mug. The most popular Dining Plan is the Regular Dining Plan. The Quick Serve is fine if you don’t really care about eating – you just want to be quick and get back to the attractions. However, dining is a great time to take a break and relax a bit. Get re-energized! The Deluxe Dining is a lot of food! If you are planning on eating at a lot of 2 credit restaurants then maybe it would be worth it, but not for most.

Mickey Waffle

So let’s say we are staying at Disney for 7 nights. 1 adult Regular Dining Plan would cost $420.28. A Rapid Fill Resort Mug is $17.99, so that leaves us with $402.29. Divided by the 7 days is $57.47/day.

Surprising Sonny

Let’s plan a day at the Magic Kingdom. We will have lunch at Cosmic Rays: A BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.29, Lemonade $2.99 with Triple Chocolate Cake $4.19. Lunch, before tax, is $17.47. That leaves us with $40 for dinner.


We will have dinner at the Crystal Palace. This is a buffet and the Winnie-the Pooh Characters come around to the tables. The price here varies throughout the year, but is approximately $40. So you have now broken even, therefore getting your $5 snack for FREE!!

But let’s back track for a moment. If I was eating at Cosmic Rays I would order my BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.29, ask for a cup of water $0.00 and skip the dessert. Therefore my lunch would deb $7.18 less. Do you need to eat dessert at every meal? After 7 days, I just saved myself $50.26.

The Grey Stuff

Instead of eating at the Crystal Palace Buffet, you decided to go to Be Our Guest. This is a restaurant that is a little more expensive. I love the Grilled Strip Steak $33.49, with a Coke 2.99 and the ‘Grey Stuff’ $4.19. Dinner here is $40.67. Just $0.67 more than Crystal Palace. Once again, I personally will just have water for dinner, but I’m enjoying my ‘Grey Stuff’! So I save $2.99.

Beaches n Cream

These are average prices you will find across Disney for Lunch and Dinner. Once a child turns 10, they must be on an Adult Dining Plan. However, when Gemma and I went to Disney, most restaurants allowed her to order off the Kids Menu since we were paying for the meal, which saved us money. Or, Gemma and I often shared a meal, again saving us money. Plus, if you have an Annual Pass or are a DVC member, you can receive 10% off many table service restaurants.


So you have to decide what works for you. We personally find, for our eating habits, that the Dining Plan doesn’t save us any money.

Note: I got the food prices from various places on the internet. They may be subject to change.

Have you used the Dining Plan? What tips do you have for Dining at Walt Disney World?

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Crafty Toronto – In The Round II at Graven Feather

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II - Graven Feather

Graven Feather is currently exhibiting their latest collaboration – In the Round II. Artist were given 3 – 5″ rounds to do what ever they wanted to them! I participated in the exhibit – my 3 pieces are the flowers pictured above!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

There are 150 artist participating, making up 450 pieces of art! Above is only 1 wall!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

There are also pieces that sit on table.

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

Very cute sheep!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

I love the 3D paper work!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

There are also beautiful pieces made from fabric and fibres!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

The pieces sell for $45 each! We bought that city piece on the top right!

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

Very cool pieces using metals.

Crafty Toronto - In the Round II at Graven Feather

And I loved these donuts! So as you can see there is something for everyone! The exhibit is at Graven Feather, at 906 Queen St. W. It runs until November, 29th, 2014! Check out their website for hours!

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Ep. 994 – How to Make Folded Gift Boxes

Scrap Time - Ep. 994 - Folded Boxes w/ Docrafts Midnight Blush

Today I am showing you how to make Folded Gift Boxes using the Docrafts Midnight Blush Collection! You can make these boxes year round, but they are great for the Holiday Season. You can also change the size of your boxes by making them from different sizes on paper! I used a 10″ square for the bottom of the box and a 10 1/4″ square for the top of the box. You can follow along with the video for the step by step instructions!

Scrap Time - Ep. 994 - Folded Boxes w/ Docrafts Midnight Blush

I then decorated the top of the boxes using different embellishments from the Docrafts Midnight Blush Collection. On the boxes in the top photo I layered the paper Bloomers and mini Pinwheels. On the boxes above I used the Large Pinwheels.

Scrap Time - Ep. 994 - Folded Boxes w/ Docrafts Midnight Blush

On this box I made the flower using the Pleated Fabric Trim.

On the next episode I am featuring the Hazel and Ruby Wrap It Up papers and making an Advent Calendar!

Thanks for watching!

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A Little Magic Closer to Home

Opening the Disney Store

Last year the Disney store reopened at the Eaton Centre! Gemma and I enjoy walking through there looking at all of the merchandise. Well, last week I was at the Eaton Centre before opening and came across a crowd in front of the Disney Store. It was time to open the store and this woman was able to use the big key to unlock the Disney Store! Once she opened the store, the magical store came alive!

The Disney Store Key

Well, of course, now I wanted to open the store! I needed to go back the to Eaton Centre the next day to pick up my new iPhone 6+, so I decided to go early and hang out at the Disney Store. I arrived at 9:25 am. No one was around. At 9:45 a woman and a 2 year old came by and asked me if they do anything special to open the store. I mentioned how they unlock the store and I had arrived early so I could do it. They decided to leave and come back later. At 9:59am the woman and child came back, just as the store employees came out. The employees announced they were going to open the store and asked if the tiny 2 year old want to do it. But I chimed in! I said I was standing there for 35 minutes with the sole purpose of opening the store. The woman, who I had a conversation with earlier, said that was okay and I can do it! So I was given the key to open the store! They talk about unlocking the magic and do a countdown and then I turned the key and the magical store came to life!

Disney Store Key

The best part is I got my own Disney Store Key to take home! I think this is a great way to experience some Disney Magic closer to home! But, as I learned, if there is a child around the employees will pick the child, otherwise it seems to be the first person waiting for the store to open.

How do you keep the Disney Magic alive while you are away from the Parks?

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It’s time for another 2nd Hand Sale!


It is time once again for my 2nd Hand Sale! I need to make room of the new products being released in January at CHA!! The Shipping prices that are quoted for the Grab Bags are for the US and Canada. I will ship Internationally, but will have to take your parcel to the post office for an exact quote. If you want to add on other items, I will need to get an exact quote from the post office.

I fill the orders on an first come first serve basis. So if you are interested an item either email me or leave a comment here on the Scrap Time blog!

The Grab Bags are filled with product! I make sure that you are getting a great deal!!

Happy Shopping!!

Grab Bags!!

Ribbon Grab Bags x 8 – $25 each + $10 Shipping

Letterpress Grab Bags – Bag #1 – Baby, Journaling, Thank You, Banner – $25 + $10 Shipping
Bag #2 – Thanksgiving, Alphabet – Capitals, Congratulations, Floral – $25 + $10 Shipping

NOTE – Shipping Prices will vary for the following items depending on what you order. I will only charge you exact shipping prices, and let you know what the shipping will be before shipping it to you.

Clip It Up w/ clips – $10

Fine Glitter – x6 – $3 for all

Distress Stickles – x4 – $2

Stampin’ Up 3×3 envelopes – LOTS OF THEM – $3

Ranger Memory Glass 2×2 – NEW – $1

Lifestyle Crafts Magnetic Binders – 3 black – $5 each

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